Welcome! We are so excited to host you at The White Room! 

First Time!

  • Choose this appointment for a fun and intimate 90 minute appointment with a TWR stylist!

  • Based on the size of our rooms, we recommend keeping your entourage to 5 or less.

  • Our made-to-order gowns typically take about 6 months to come in, and range between $2,000-$5,000.

Follow-Up …

  • Choose this 60 minute appointment if you have shopped with us before and you are ready to purchase your dress!

  • Come to your ‘Follow-Up…’ prepared to try on 1-2 of your faves, and ultimately say ‘yes’ to the PERFECT dress and celebrate with some hugs and bubbly.

Accessorize Me!

  • Choose this 30 minute appointment if you have already found your dream dress, and you are on the hunt for some amazing belts, veils, and jewelry!

Dress Pick-Up!

  • This is not an alteration appointment! If you have been contacted about your dress arrival, please call the shop to schedule your first fitting!

  • Choose this 30 minute appointment after we have contacted you that your dress has arrived in our shop!

  • Be prepared to try your dress on to make sure everything looks perfect before either bringing it home with you or paying to store it in our shop!